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Legal aid and legal services include legal advice, representation of clients in all types of judicial and administrative proceedings, ongoing legal services for entrepreneurs, drafting of contracts and legal opinions, preparation of legal proceedings such as lawsuits, applications or appeals. The attorneys also participate in legal settlement negotiations at the client’s request.

About the company

At present, the Infobeneficios law firm is a multidisciplinary association of innovative format specialists, where the client can solve almost any legal issue. The “three whales” of the company’s success are:

work for results;
100% involvement of each team member in the work;
But the engines of development are the use of technology – legal tech, and the introduction of effective marketing strategies. Why and how did the company become like this?


Every year there are more and more cars and correspondingly more car owners, resulting in increased traffic congestion, which in turn affects the increase of accidents on such roads with which an auto lawyer can help.


Civil cases are the most common and at the same time the most complex category of disputes in the courts. At the heart of these conflicts is the principle of adversarial and equality of the parties, according to which only the most legally competent party wins. Lawyer in civil cases - this is your opportunity to be a winner in any judicial competition.


Just as reverence for one's spouse does not guarantee family stability, so constant quarrels do not necessarily lead to the breakdown of a marriage. Each family is its own world with its own rules and laws. But it does not eliminate the need to follow the generally accepted rules and laws of the state.


To date, very relevant is the issue of drawing up resolutions on administrative offenses, or rather their appeal with a view to their cancellation. Resolutions on administrative offences cover quite a wide range of issues, and can be as on violation of traffic rules, rules of stopping, parking, parking of vehicles, violation of quarantine conditions, and on non-payment of alimony.


Land as valuable property becomes the cause of a large number of disputes. An important factor in preventing such disputes is legally correct execution of documents for privatization, purchase and sale, inheritance and lease of land plots.


A person's fate depends on the competence of the criminal defense lawyer, his experience as a lawyer, it is also important whether the lawyer has experience in law enforcement agencies, as it gives an opportunity to know the specifics of work and methods of pressure, which are often used by law enforcement agencies to achieve the desired result.


When it comes to values, for Infobeneficios, it’s not just a catchphrase or a trendy positioning message. Our values are the main measure of work and attitude to clients. They are a marker that shows our professional style and attitude to each client’s request. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to how we build our activities and what we rely on in addition to professionalism.


The Infobeneficios Law Company unites lawyers and attorneys, auditors and financiers, notaries and private executors, arbitration managers and property valuation experts, customs brokers and accountants in a strong and coordinated team. The aim of this association is to create conditions for maximum satisfaction of legal services needs. If you come into our office, make a phone call or write, you do not have to go to another place additionally. To make clients so comfortable, we are constantly working.


Infobeneficios employs 30 specialists who specialize in different areas of law. Each of them has extensive experience and ability to handle cases in their field. You get high-level services exactly in the area you need. This is much more effective than going to a “jack-of-all-trades” lawyer, because it gives you a higher probability of resolving the case in your favor. We now have a team that helps in all areas of law, both in private life and in business.

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